I create space for people to learn and grow.

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An educator, coach and international facilitator, I teach people how to define their core purpose and align a life (or business) to that purpose.

My method was developed after a decade of motivating and inspiring people to both do their best work and find fulfillment in their every day.

I now serve individuals, groups, and businesses by using a variety of tools to help people connect more deeply to themselves so that they can unlock their purpose.

I specifically focus on bridging the gap between the spiritual world and the professional world. Millennials are a generation craving meaning in their every day, yet the professional world hasn’t yet fully adopted those needs. Further, as more spiritual leaders develop their own businesses, they don’t always have the organizational tools necessary to make a big impact.

I hope that by bringing meaning into the professional world and by supporting spiritual leaders with corporate organization and strategy, we’ll see greater impact and access to a more meaningful life for everyone.


Whether I’m connecting one on one over tarot cards and incense, or facilitating a workshop on how to build a revenue-generating e-book, I know I’m doing my life’s work when I’m helping people grow.

I became obsessed with the concept of ‘purpose’ as an elementary school teacher in Houston, Texas. As a Teach for America corps member, I was charged with inspiring my mostly under-performing, low-income students to work hard - way harder than their more affluent peers - for the change to challenge the status quo and find themselves on a better life path. Helping my students understand their ‘big why’ and connecting every lesson, every after school session, every big standardized test back to their 10-year-old core purposes was the best motivation.

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I later took classroom management to corporate management as the Head of Admissions (Sales) and later Head of Brand & Content for Remote Year, a venture-backed travel start-up leading the way in the work and travel industry. At Remote Year, I advocated relentlessly for us to define our mission and ultimately led the charge for us to becoming an incredibly purpose-driven company.

As a manager, I learned that to motivate my team to do their best work and feel fulfilled with their work was the exact same method I used with my students: help people find their core purpose and connect it back to the greater mission.

I’m now on a journey to bring the lessons I learned in the classroom and as a manager to the world. We all want to know that the work we do matters. Let’s work together to find that for you.