Give yourself a gift.

Of space. Of time. Of growth.

With nearly a decade of teaching and management, I’ve been coaching my entire career. My greatest joys come from watching my people flourish and grow. I’m inspired by creating space for people to become the best version of themselves with a cheerleader (me) by their side. My core coaching method is centered on unlocking your core purpose and aligning your life to that purpose. Every coaching client has different needs, but all are looking for more alignment and meaning in their work. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation below for us to get to know each other and to learn more about how we might work together.

Emily radiates a world of limitless possibility. As a Coach, she is a powerful listener, bringing solutions to the table with grace, compassion, and intentional consideration. Her ability to actively motivate someone out of any situation is a rare gift, and she’s played an essential role in my development as a full-time employee and an entrepreneur. Watch out world, Emily Eliza Moyer is here to help us find our soul’s true purpose and we’re all the better for it.
— Ariel, Sweden



12-Session Package

Let’s work together through a full bootcamp created for transformation. The Path to Purpose Series is designed to take you from where you are now - uncertain of where to focus your passions and time to fulfill your purpose - to where you want to be - confident that you’re heading down the right path and spending your time in the right ways.  Using your core purpose statement, we’ll work together to evaluate and define what you want your career and life to look like and where it might be currently falling short of that vision. You’ll walk away from each session with actionable steps that will get you meaningfully closer to living out your core purpose. Each session is 60-90 minutes and is accompanied with pre- and post-session journaling prompts. Below is are some sample sessions or head here for a full coaching schedule.

  • Pursue Your Purpose

  • Success Definition

  • Goal-Setting (Big Goals)

  • Goal-Setting (Priorities)

  • Vision-Setting

  • Values-Based Living

  • Wellness Evaluation

  • Lifestyle Evaluation

  • Career Evaluation

  • Action Planning

  • Tarot Reading for Self-Reflection

  • Neurological Patterning

  • Limiting Beliefs

  • Lifestyle Design

  • Releasing Fears & Shoulds

  • Build Your Daily Routine

  • Big Rocks Prioritization

  • Time Management



3 Exclusive Add-On Sessions

There are so many healers and coaches in the world right now. But, it’s hard to know who to go to, especially in the spiritual and woo woo world. I’ve selected a team of people that are offering one-off sessions at a reduced rate to my clients. Working with THE CABINET will add incredible depth and validation to the work we’re doing together and I’m honored to bring their expertise into THE BOOTCAMP. See below for some of the sample sessions you can add on exclusively by booking THE BOOTCAMP with THE CABINET.

  • Human Design Reading

  • Cacao Release Ceremony

  • Channeled Medium Session

  • Intuitive Career Session

  • Guided Energetic Healing

Pursue Your Purpose

90-Minute Session

You’ve got lots of passions, but you haven’t yet pinned down exactly what you’re meant to be doing. Your full-time work doesn’t feel meaningful and you find yourself just going through the motions. You have a sense of what’s pulling you out of bed in the morning, but you want clarity on what that is, so you can make more confident decisions about your career and your life.

Through a guided reflection, I’ll help you recognize the patterns in your life that will ultimately tell the story of you and what matters most underneath. At the end of this session, you’ll have an individualized, defined core purpose statement that you’ll use to drive decisions. By clearly articulating your purpose, you’ll bring more clarity and contentment into your everyday life. 

Through this session, we’ll work through a set of questions that are curated to help you dig deep.  You’ll have time to respond out loud to the questions as I take notes. I’ll then guide us to identify patterns together and together, we’ll uncover your core purpose  I’m just the person holding up the mirror - helping you see the answers that are already inside you.