Hello, purpose-driven growth.

There’s growth. And then there’s growth driven by a human-centered mission that inspires your employees, attracts loyal customers and most importantly - keeps you getting out of bed every morning excited to continue building your company. I’m here to first help you build the foundations of a remarkable brand by defining your company’s mission, vision and values. Once that’s done, we’ll talk about how to use these to increase long-term, sustainable revenue growth.

The benefits of high employee satisfaction are widely known, they include higher retention rates, increased revenues, and higher creativity, yet one in two employees feels dissatisfied with their work.
— Ignacio Perez, Forbes

Mission, Vision, Values

We deserve to live in a world where every company has a clearly defined mission used as the guiding star for every decision - big and small - that is made. It’s what will keep employees happy, customers inspired and you - the backbone - motivated. If you’re a founder, CEO or solopreneurs, I’ll help you uncover your company’s core mission and build the foundational branding blocks for purpose-driven growth.


Marketing: a messy world for most entrepreneurs. As a former Head of Brand + Content, I can help you understand what ‘marketing’ should look like for your company, teach you how to run successful marketing tests, and demonstrate how to measure everything (because yes, everything can be measured). I can also show you how to properly hire and train top contract or full-time talent to run the ship so you can focus on…everything else.

Remote Work

Looking to build a distributed company or trying to take your company fully remote? I can share my expertise and best practices on everything from setting up internal culture within a virtual team, to how to hire and train top talent remotely, to how to lead successful remote meetings to how to successfully manage remote teams.

Strategic Planning

Big, fluffy words that don’t actually mean anything? I don’t think so. Solid strategic plans can determine how much you’re able to accomplish in a year, a quarter, a month or a week. In my approach with clients, I get hands-on with strategic planning, teaching you process, providing templates and holding you accountable to create plans that will set you up for success on your path ahead. Plans can change - and thats okay - I’m also available to facilitate quarterly stepbacks and strategic plan reviews when you decide to pivot.


We all know the era of the slimy car salesman is over, yet not all of our leaders feel comfortable ‘selling’ their products. As a former Head of Sales, I’ll show you a human-centered sales approach so you know that every time you make a sale, you did it with authenticity and integrity. Be confident that your products are adding value to people’s lives and you’ll find your most effective sales strategy. I’ll coach you on human-centered sales, help you design your sales funnel and support you in developing key operations to keep your revenue growing.

Employee Satisfaction

Managers want their teams to both perform at their best - and be satisfied in their work. This can be quite a tricky balance without proper training and as we know, as more and more millennials take over management roles, most managers aren’t properly trained.