Let’s work together.

I have nearly a decade of experience facilitating and coaching groups and would love to work with yours. We will customize each experience to match the needs of your audience. Check below for some sample sessions and inspiration for your next event. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation to see if we might be a fit by clicking the link the below.




Personal Growth

Pursue Your Purpose | Most recently hosted at SOHO House Chicago, this session is designed for groups of up to 50 to define their core life purpose.

Creative Vinyasa Flow | Create space for your community to go inwards by introducing a creative flow that allows yogis to connect their breath to movement.

Stress Releasing Yin | Release tension and find healing in this slow-moving, deeply relaxing yoga practice designed to reach the deepest layers within.

Spiritual Connection | Through tarot readings and moon circles, I facilitate connection to oneself and to one another through ancient practices.


Professional Growth

Leadership Development | A great manager can make or break your business. I teach managers how to unlock their authentic management style so they can help their team perform at their best.

Strategic Planning | Vision planning, goal-setting and action planning are my speciality. I’ll work with your team at the beginning of a year, quarter or project to set them up for success.

Marketing & Sales | Every business needs marketing and sales to grow. Learn a human-centered approach to developing a strategic plan to sustainable growth.

Remote Work | As the former growth leader for a fully distributed mid-size company operating in the remote work space, allow me to share best practices and insights on remote work.


Topics like ‘values’ and ‘goal-setting’ are by their very nature personal—but sometimes, a third-party perspective can illuminate these themes in a new and clarifying light. This was my experience with Emily’s Pursue Your Purpose workshop. It outlined how to fuse my personal values with my long-term goals in a way I never would have considered on my own. Personal growth obviously isn’t something that happens overnight, but tools like the ones Emily provides through her coaching sessions can plant seeds that grow into concrete ideas, actionable steps, and eventually guiding principles for reaching the next stage in your personal and professional goal-setting journey.
— Stephanie, DC




Workshops & Public Speaking

Whether you run a coworking space, an office or a community organization, let’s work together to design a meaningful learning experience for your people. I offer interactive workshops where participants will walk away with tangible results or public speaking engagements to larger audiences.


Retreats & Conferences

With years of expertise running retreats and conferences in the corporate world, I’m available to both consult or present at your next retreat or conference. Let’s work together to create an unforgettable experience.