Uncover your truth.

These cards aren’t a tool for predicting the future. They’re simply a way to clarify what you already know.

The answers to all of our questions are inside us, waiting to be uncovered. When we are able to quiet our thoughts, remove the limiting beliefs that shroud our intuition, the answers are clear for us to see.

I use tarot and oracle cards with my clients and in my personal practice to hold a mirror up to the thoughts and emotions we are carrying inside. In our reading, we’ll address the burning questions and complex situations that you’re dealing with in your life. Through a single pull, we’ll dive into the connection between you and the card, uncover your truth, and determine the action steps you can take in response.

In addition to sharing my own intuitive guidance, you’ll receive a mini-coaching session and an e-book on how to build tarot into your personal practice. Readings are conducted either via email or phone.

Wow! This truly was so generous of you to share with me! I am resonating with the card picked for me and feeling warmth from the Harvest card. And the extra info regarding the actual process of tarot card readings was so helpful!! I am very new to the area as I mentioned, so this was spot on to explain more and give me confidence with the insight I am currently exploring. Honestly, thank you Emily!! It means a lot to me that you gave me this time and space. My heart is open with gratitude to you-and I hope you feel it!
— Niki

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Love Letters

This is amazing and just what I needed! Everything you said and the card that I pulled spoke to me a lot and has got me listening to my body and really ready to ask myself the questions I need to help be in alignment. I appreciate you taking the time and doing this for me!
— Kayle
Emily guided me through a process of looking within for the answers. I felt supported as I made space to explore my true feelings, and her wise words added more richness to my interpretation.
— Taylor
Thank you Emily for doing a one card reading for me. The card you pulled was spot-on to what I’m going through right now. It was great to get confirmation.
— Margarita