Love letters from some of my favorite people.


Emily radiates a world of limitless possibility. As a Coach, she is a powerful listener, bringing solutions to the table with grace, compassion, and intentional consideration. Her ability to actively motivate someone out of any situation is a rare gift, and she’s played an essential role in my development as a full-time employee and an entrepreneur. Watch out world, Emily Eliza Moyer is here to help us find our soul’s true purpose and we’re all the better for it.
— Ariel, Sweden

Emily has the unique ability to ask questions that unlock answers that you’ve known all along, but have been unable to put into words. After leaving a job that left me jaded about my career, Emily guided me through a session that focused on my purpose, and how I could use it to make an impact on the world personally and professionally. That purpose, my Ikigai, still hangs on the wall of my office, reminding me day after day of the growth and clarity that Emily helped me achieve.
— Emma, Madison

I am so grateful that I got to meet and sit down with Emily. Emily is to start with a vibrant, inspiring woman but she also carries a beautiful talent of asking the right questions to help you on your self-discovery journey. She helped me to widen my perspective to be able to break through some of the challenges I am facing in my life. My core purpose statement is now my daily mantra that I know is going to help me to move closer towards living my purpose.
— Matilda, Sri Lanka

Topics like ‘values’ and ‘goal-setting’ are by their very nature personal—but sometimes, a third-party perspective can illuminate these themes in a new and clarifying light. This was my experience with Emily’s Pursue Your Purpose workshop. It outlined how to fuse my personal values with my long-term goals in a way I never would have considered on my own. Personal growth obviously isn’t something that happens overnight, but tools like the ones Emily provides through her coaching sessions can plant seeds that grow into concrete ideas, actionable steps, and eventually guiding principles for reaching the next stage in your personal and professional goal-setting journey.
— Stephanie, DC

Emily is skilled at identifying patterns, and asking the ‘right questions’ to guide you through the process of finding your purpose. Working with Emily has been an integral piece on my path of self-discovery. The knowledge I gained through this process gives me the clarity I need to move forward and impact the world for the better.
— Nissa, New York

Emily Moyer and her consistent, insightful work has been unbelievably helpful and enlightening for my personal and career development. Not only is she incredibly easy to work with by bringing such a positive and warm energy, she provides innovative, insightful advice that has truely shaped my career and personal progress to achieving my goals!
— Matilda Belle, Sydney

Emily is a patient listener who will guide you through a series of questions without any judgment and leave you with a sense of achievement in knowing where to look for the answers.
— Marta, London